1234 Mamalahoa Hwy
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(ACTIVE) 652057
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Lot Size:
15.97 acre(s)
Land Tenure:
Fee Simple
Property Type:
Commercial Property
On Market:
Jul 10, 2021
Jul 10, 2021

Listing Remarks

Division 12. CV, Village Commercial Districts.

Section 25-5-120. Purpose and applicability. The CV (village commercial) district provides for a broad range or variety of commercial and light industrial uses that are necessary to serve the population in rural areas where the supplementary support of the general business uses and activities of a central commercial district is not readily available. (1996, ord 96-160, sec 2; ratified April 6, 1999.)25-5

Section 25-5-121. Designation of CV districts. Each CV (village commercial) district shall be designated by the symbol “CV” followed by a number which indicates the minimum land area, in number of thousands of square feet, required for each building site. (1996, ord 96-160, sec 2; ratified April 6, 1999.)25

This property is zoned CV-10.

Section 25-5-122. Permitted uses. There are over 49 permitted uses listed under the Hawaii County Code for Village Commercial Districts. Too many to list. More Information can be provided by: Chapter 25 (hawaiicounty.gov)

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